About The Handcrafted Jewellery Collections

Named after the beautiful reservoirs in the local area, Serendipity's jewellery Collections are reflective of the individual jewellery that brings the serenity and individuality with each piece.

Wearing handcrafted jewellery enables you to show your individuality, that you have personal style and wear something that nobody else has. To help you achieve this, Serendipity pays attention to every little detail, form and colour and it's exactly that which makes handmade jewellery so precious and unique, making you feel different and special. 

In the following handmade collections, you will be able to find exclusive items that emphasise your personal style and individuality. Something different which is exactly what makes this handmade jewellery so precious and unique.

Rivington Collection

This is Serendipity's designer collection aimed at that very special day; your wedding day and any other special occasions. The jewellery is elegant and aimed at wearing on special occasions. Go on ........ treat yourself!

Serendipity hopes that you will have the same feeling of elation and exclusivity wearing your chosen piece from the Rivington Collection, that you'll feel viewing the area. Take a short walk along the narrow country lanes and the beautiful leafy footpaths at the side of the Rivington reservoir and you'll start to feel relaxed, less stressed and more confident. 

Yarrow Collection

Just like the Yarrow reservoir the jewellery is named after, this Collection may be effortless, but should brighten your day with its price.

A woman’s confidence and individuality are her best accessories so it is important to choose the right jewellery to reflect this. Don’t follow a trend, but instead, follow your own truth, path and purpose in life. Choose from the Yarrow Collection and you'll be investing in unique pieces that will make you feel confident and reflect your inner beauty.

The Yarrow Collection is the good value range, aimed at providing quality, hand made, individual jewellery. There is something for everyone in this Collection. Even though Serendipity jewellery has a lifetime guarantee, good value does not equal cheap nor shoddy. 

Angelzarke Collection

This is the Reiki Collection. Wearing this Reiki jewellery will heal, clear your energy field and enhance your energy, helping you to regain your inner balance of mind, body and spirit through energy healing. Wear your Angelzarke jewellery and start your healing journey now.

Each piece of Reiki jewellery is hand-made with positive intent, then infused with Reiki healing energy at Master Level for the highest good. Wearing it should assist you in regaining your inner balance of mind, body and spirit through energy healing, reflecting the harmonious, peaceful atmosphere of the heavily wooded Angelzarke area this Collection is named after.

Wayoh Collection

This collection contains items designed with the more quirky in mind. The designs are a little offbeat, but definitely eye catching! Choose from this collection and be sure that no-one else will be wearing the same jewellery as you!

This collection is named after a small but pretty reservoir in the local area, edged wiith woodland sections and great views of the surrounding countryside and a viaduct to enjoy. Hopefully, the jewellery from Serendipity's Wayoh Collection will bring the freshness and delight of the countryside around Wayoh to the wearer.

Entwistle Collection

This collection is perfect for everyday wear. It won't cost an arm and a leg and is designed to go with almost anything.

The individual Entwistle Collection is an expression of you. Embrace your unique personality and style when wearing these pieces that reflect your inner beauty and inner truth. True confidence comes from ensuring we choose the right jewellery to allow our inner confidence to shine through.